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M. Snir Technological Services Ltd. is one of Israel's leading suppliers of analytical Instruments And equipment of laboratory equipment, committed to offering comprehensive instrumentation
Solutions and support at Reasonable prices.
Established in 1991 as a sub-contractor
M. Snir provides customized LC, LCMS, GC, GCMS service agreements for Companies such as :
Agilent,Varian,Waters,Jasco and More

M. Snir's founder, Reuven Mery, is a well-know figure in the field of electronic engineering.
Mery has earned a reputation for creating innovative comprehensive solutions, often with Ingenuity unparalleled in the field. Building on this reputation, Mery founded M. Snir, and In a relatively short period, expanded its activities significantly. M. Snir now represents World's leading analytical instrument manufacturers in Israel. These include:

GERSTEL delivers customer focused solutions for Sample Preparation, for GC/MS and for LC/MS.

Scientific Instrument Services, Inc. (USA): offering products and services in mass-spectrometers, gas-chromatographs and related equipment.

National Scientific Instrument, Inc. (USA)
: manufacturer of the most complete line of auto-sampler vials, seals and accessories.

KNAUER: KNAUER has been developing and distributing
osmometers and chromatography systems analytical and semi-preparative HPLC instruments,

Quadrex Corporation (USA)
: manufacturer of capillary columns for Gas-chromatographs.

Eka Nobel (Sweden)
: manufacturer of HIGH performance HPLC an analytical & preperative column all sizes all packing.

KINESIS:supply and support of Chromatography Consumables.

SGE International Pty Ltd (Australia)
:manufacturer of GC & HPLC Chromatography Products.

M. Snir Electronic Instrument Co. Ltd. is one of the leading companies in
Israel dedicated Marketing and distributing products for the life science and
medical sectors. Since its Establishment in 1991, the company has earned a nationwide reputation for high-quality Products, Professionalism and
outstanding service infrastructure.
 M. Snir is the exclusive Israeli distributor for world-leading manufacturers of
Analytical Equipments and The Company’s customer pool includes universities, research institutes, and biotechnology of Health, medical centers, Environmental and agriculture Standards institutes as well as companies in the food, chemical, petrochemical industries.
From Marketing to Technical Support M. Snir currently employs 11 professionals, with Expertise industries and academic disciplines.
M. Snir’s pre-sales, installation, applications and maintenance resources are among The Company’s chief strengths. Including four engineers and three Sales specialists, the technical teams have a high degree of expertise in all the solutions Technical, Sales and service staff regularly attends training and refresher courses to keep Abreast of new developments.
M. Snir is dedicated to including the highest quality equipment in its Product
line Backed by reliable and comprehensive service.
M. Snir reaches all of Israel's major cities and industrial areas, serving the
petrochemical Pharmaceutical and chemical industries, as well as research
laboratories, universities, Medical centers and government Ministries.
M. Snir employs four electronic engineers In the technical department,
and employs an additional three marketing and Administrative professionals.
Despite the company's relatively small size, M. Snir is constantly expanding
its customer base and building on its proven strengths.
M.Snir welcomes the opportunity to establish business relationships with
manufacturers and distributors who share our philosophy of offering high
quality, innovative and reliable Instrumentation solutions.
M. Snir Electronic Instrument Co. Ltd. is one of the leading companies in
Israel dedicated Marketing and distributing products for the life science and
medical sectors.

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