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Sion’s patented Ultimate Carrier Solution (UCS) introduces a groundbreaking technology to the analytical industry, finally allowing labs to safely use Hydrogen in GC & GC/MS applications by burning excess Hydrogen gas, split chemicals and fully controlling the supply of carrier gas to GC and GC/MS.
Sion 4210 GC
מ. שניר משווקת את מכשירי שיאון. בתמיכה מלאה של מכירה ,התקנה, טיפולים וכיולים שנתיים. כמו כן חברת מ. שניר מספק לכל לקוחותיה חבילה מושלמת ,החל מאספקת הגזים ,סלילת צנרת גזים מהבלונים .מחוללי גזים (אוויר, חנקן, מימן) כולל פנל טיהור גזים סיוע והתאמה בבחירת המכשיר המתאים לכל לקוח, תמיכה מלאה בתוכנה, אחריות ושרות מלאים
The Centurion WS Purge and Trap Autosampler
the Centurion WS Purge and Trap Autosampler for water and soil analysis.
The AS120 is a reliable XYZ GC Autosampler designed and built to automate GC sample introduction for up to 120 samples. It can be used with all GC’s including Agilent, Shimadzu and many others. State-of-the-art component technology with easy-to-use operating features make the AS120 suitable for routine as well as research level sample introduction requirements.
Straight Ferrules - for tubing with ODs listed
Graphite ferrules are made from high-purity exfoliated graphite. They seal with minimal torque and can frequently be re-used. They do not shrink in use, but they are very soft and must be packed and handled carefully.
Septa BTO®
Septa BTO® is Bleed and Temperature Optimized for today’s most demanding GC and GC/MS applications. Septa BTO is formulated to extend low-bleed and outstanding mechanical properties of premium GC septa to the highest-temperature applications. It retains remarkable softness and pierceability at high temperatures, with extremely low bleed. Septa BTO are packaged in glass jars for high purity. CenterGuideTM on select sizes are listed.
Clarity is the most comprehensive of our stations. Its features include data acquisition from multiple instruments, direct control of GCs, LCs and autosamplers using Controls; access to advanced analyses through Extensions; and support of 21 CFR Part 11. This all makes Clarity suitable for laboratories with high demands on efficiency, high sample throughput and GLP standards.
Moisture / Dust traps
• Molecular sieve 5A provides high-efficiency drying • Moisture indicators warn of leaks in the gas stream • Cobalt- and phenolphthalein-free indicator is available
Carbon Dioxide trap
Remove carbon dioxide from your gas stream with our Carbon Dioxide Trap. High-capacity; it will irreversibly bind 100 g of carbon dioxide (cannot be regenerated). Its unique design uses NaOH blended with molecular sieve to scrub out CO2. The reaction produces water which is adsorbed by the molecular sieve. Not recommended for GC uses. Maximum pressure for the carbon dioxide trap is 69 bar (1000 psig); approximate dimensions 5 x 37 cm.
Standard Opening Crimp Top Vials
12x32mm Standard Opening Crimp Top Vials
Manual Crimper
Manual Crimper for aluminum crimp caps. Our ergonomically designed manual crimping tools transform the standards of vial crimping and decapping.
The non-polar 007-1 dimethylpolysiloxane phase, which separates compounds according to boiling point, is probably the most frequently used phase type in GC.
H-300 / H-500 Hydrogen Generator
Fully Computerized Hydrogen Generator. Sophisticated Display with Control. Digital On line Reading of Flow, Pressure, Temperature & Water Level. Fully protected against low water level, High Pressure, Leaks and High Temp.
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