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The Centurion WS Purge and Trap Autosampler
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the Centurion WS Purge and Trap Autosampler for water and soil analysis.


The system is designed to be the workhorse of any environmental laboratory. The Centurion WS utilizes the same robust x-y-z- platform that has been used in the Centurion water only platform for the past 10 years. The arm is supported on two ends to decrease the chance of the arm sagging over a period of time.

The Centurion WS dramatically improves reliability over competing systems by NOT moving water vials. Only soil vials will need to be pick up and moved to a sampling station. For most laboratories, this will decrease the number of vial transported over 80%.

The system uses the current loop design that has proven to be very reliable and offers low carryover. This removes the need for a syringe and eliminates syringe errors, enables the systems to process samples much more rapidly and is less maintenance intensive since there are no o-rings to fail.


The software of the Centurion has been upgraded to Windows XPe from Windows CE. This creates a very easy to use graphical display as well as other features that are standard in Windows XP such as printing and network capability. The Centurion WS can be set up to be accesses anywhere on the network, or even from home.

The New Centurion WS utilizes the same Internal Standard addition module as the current Centurion, but it has been improved! The internal standard valve works similar to an ink jet cartridge where the standard is shot into the sample for a specific period of time. This time can be programmed into the system making the volume of the internal standard addition programmable, The New Centurion WS has improved upon this by fixing the pressure in the system an allowing multiple additions of internal standard. This enables the user to program in a specific volume they wish to add.

High Throughput

The Centurion water sampler has offered dual mode capability for years. This enables customers to connect two concentrators to a single GC for high throughput analysis. Many customers using this configuration get ~80-100 runs/24 hour period on a single GC or GC/MS. The customer can also connect two concentrators to two different GCs if they want an inexpensive way to automate two different systems.

The Centurion WS improves upon this dual mode by expanding the capability to include water and soil analysis. This is handled easily within the software where customers input the number and type of samples to be run and a sequence table for each concentrator is automatically generated

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