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 Advaced Filter system
The Advanced Filter System consists of a single aluminum cartridge containing high-capacity adsorbent and a sightglass with visual indicators. The cartridge design features double seals at all joints, and a sealed polycarbonate shield provides protection in the event of sight-glass breakage. A stainless-steel manifold with check valves to protect the gas lines from exposure during cartridge changes is included, with hardware for bench or wall mounting. Cartridges are designed to be reconditioned when they are depleted, and used cartridges can be exchanged for reconditioned cartridges upon depletion. When the System's capacity is depleted (or annually, if gas use is low), simply remove the cartridges and replace with fresh ones.
Advanced Filter System II
Overview The Advanced Filter System II removes water and hydrocarbons (>C4) from air, hydrogen, nitrogen, helium, and other inert gases. It contains a high sensitivity moisture indicator that changes from BLUE to BROWN when the capacity is depleted.
Oxygen Trap
Oxygen is a leading cause of stationary phase degradation, which appears in chromatograpms as bleed. The indicating material is a proprietary inorganic which turns from bright green to gray in the presence or oxgen. Our oxygen traps are intended for use with the common non-oxidizing gases (He, H2, N2, Ar, CH4), and regeneration service is available.
Moisture / Dust traps
• Molecular sieve 5A provides high-efficiency drying • Moisture indicators warn of leaks in the gas stream • Cobalt- and phenolphthalein-free indicator is available
Carbon Dioxide trap
Remove carbon dioxide from your gas stream with our Carbon Dioxide Trap. High-capacity; it will irreversibly bind 100 g of carbon dioxide (cannot be regenerated). Its unique design uses NaOH blended with molecular sieve to scrub out CO2. The reaction produces water which is adsorbed by the molecular sieve. Not recommended for GC uses. Maximum pressure for the carbon dioxide trap is 69 bar (1000 psig); approximate dimensions 5 x 37 cm.
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